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Convenient. Timely. Effective. is a great alternative to get your message delivered personally.

Sometimes traditional mail and delivery services are not quite what you need to have your important message or documents delivered - sometimes personal delivery, that can be acknowledged, is a better option. professional agents will personally deliver your message or documents to the intended recipient and return a certificate of delivery to you. is available to meet your routine, priority, and same-day service needs today.

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What Can Personally Deliver?

We are pleased to deliver any message or document that is important to your business or legal matter.  Some of the important messages and documents we have delivered include:

  • Employment terminations with final payroll
  • Employment warnings, benefits change notices, and leave notices
  • Real estate and other contractual documents and messages
  • Time-sensitive confidential messages

What if I have legal documents to deliver?

Improperly delivered legal documents can be grounds for dismissal or sanctions in a case. can assist you to make sure your legal documents are served correctly. Please check with your attorney if you are not sure whether your message or documents require courier or process services. Check here for more information about our process services.



Most Common

  •  Dispatched with 72 hours1
  •  Additional attempts at 48-72 hour intervals
  •  Most cost effective


Urgent or By Appointment

  •  Dispatched within 24 hours2
  •  Additional attempts at 24-48 hour intervals
  •  Ideal for service by appointment with a party


Same-Day Service

  •  Dispatched same-day2
  •  Additional service attempts may be made hourly or daily
  •  Standy-by service available

1 Although not guaranteed, most assignments are dispatched earlier than promised without additional charge.

2 Restrictions and limitations may apply based on service destination, date and time assignment is received, and other factors.

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